Electric Columbia Certified


It looks like your standard Columbia but Lancair Certified‘s latest certificated model has some important innovations under the cowl and behind the panel. The Lancair 350 is an all-electric version of the Columbia and is the second to gain FAA type approval. Instead of notoriously troublesome vacuum systems, the 350’s instruments and avionics are all electric. For redundancy, it has two batteries, two alternators and two electrical buses. The redundant electrics allow installation of the latest electronic avionics, including an optional dual flat panel, Avidyne FlightMax Entegra. Better ventilation and provision for future air conditioning and de-icing systems round out the package. The all-electric platform will form the basis for all designs in Lancair’s immediate future, including a turbocharged version that’s next up. Meanwhile, Transport Canada, last week, gave type approval for the original Lancair 300 design. “We’ve had a lot of customer interest out of Canada,” said spokesman Mark Cahill. The company will also move quickly to get Canadian approval for the 350 model and the turbocharged version when it’s ready.