FAA Employees Get Pay Hike


What’s FAA for a raise? How about “organizational success increase.” Whatever it’s called, it will mean an extra 3.1 percent in the pay packets of employees as long as they meet “minimum performance standards.” Administrator Marion Blakey linked the raise to what she termed the successful achievement of the agency’s goals under its operational plan, known as the Flight Plan. “The real credit for this goes to you who delivered an outstanding performance under the Flight Plan,” Blakey said. The agency has also eliminated a payband freeze that had capped the salaries of some of its most senior employees. The ceiling on all pay categories in the agency has been boosted by 2.1 percent. The highest-paid FAA employees now make $165,200, including “locality pay.” Blakey said only a small percentage of employees are in those brackets. About 2,000 employees sued the FAA over the salary cap, alleging age discrimination. Most of those at the top of the scale are older workers.