FAA Expedites Mustang Certification


The FAA is clearing away at least some red tape so as not to impede the certification schedule of Cessna’s new Mustang mini jet. The current regulations don’t address some of the unique design and performance parameters raised by the Mustang and the normal process for adding the rules necessary to accommodate the plane’s certification involves advance notice followed by a 90-day comment period. However, the agency has ruled that since the new criteria apply only to the Mustang, the notice and comment period can be waived and the certification process can proceed unimpeded. There is a long list of design and performance criteria addressed in the new rule, much of it relating to the new-design Pratt and Whitney Canada (PWC) engines and the triple-screen Garmin glass avionics suite. Although the special standards were enacted without prior public comment, comments are being invited after the fact and must be received by the agency by May 8.