FAA To Start Training Sport Pilot Examiners


The FAA’s implementation of the Sport Pilot rule will make some advances this month. The very first Sport Pilot Designated Pilot Examiner qualification course will be held Jan. 17-22 in Sebring, Fla. Four more courses will be held from February to May in Sebring, and seven more are scheduled from June to October in Oklahoma City. The FAA also is scheduled to release its new FAA Form 8710-11 this week, which is the official application form for Sport Pilot Airman Certificates. On Jan. 15, the FAA says it will be ready to issue the first certificates for Sport Pilots, Sport Pilot instructors, Special and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft, and Light Sport Aircraft repairmen. EAA said the first eight participants in the FAA’s pilot examiner course will be William Bardin, John Beaman, Roy Beisswenger, Robert Bleadon, Brian Carpenter, Eric Johnson, Lawrence Littlefield and George Methvin.