FAA Traffic-Flow Management Tutorial Now Online


With summer here, thunderstorms, congested airports and flight delays are to be expected, and the FAA has posted a new online tutorial to help pilots work with ATC’s traffic management system. Divided into 13 short modules, the tutorial includes some gorgeous vintage photos as background to help keep you awake. A few minutes’ browsing will get you up-to-date on how the FAA manages traffic flow , help you understand why they do what they do, and see how you fit into the big picture. If you need to know what capping and tunneling and flow control and STMPs are, this is the place to find out. The slideshow even has a sense of humor, opening with a joke: “You have questions … You need answers … We’re here to help … Really.” And if the tutorial leaves you feeling that you are dumber than you thought you were, check out Don Brown’s regular AVweb columns about ATC to start catching up.