…Fast to Build and Speedy, Too


In addition to the ease of build, Shrameck is also pleased with the flight parameters. “So far, every test has been optimum,” a visibly emotional Shrameck told the media at AirVenture. Epic believes 350 knots is attainable at Flight Levels up to 310 (which puts this turbine in the same ballpark as the freshly flown Aerocomp Comp Air kit jet). But the big selling point is that the plane will be able to fly full of fuel, full of passengers and with lots of luggage … at the same time. Empty weight is 3308 lbs and gross is 7040, giving the Epic a payload of 3600 lbs. Epic will use the information gathered during the building of the 17 experimental aircraft to push forward with its production certificate and eventual manufacture and certification, which is some $28+ million and a number of months down the road. “We’re not trying to be rocket scientists,” says Shrameck. “This plane has wings, an engine in the front and technology that everyone is familiar with. We believe there is a niche for a plane like this and we would like to fill it.” The 6-place turboprop, available with either a PT 6-67 or Walter Lom 771 engine, flew for the first time just days prior to AirVenture. Thirty hours later, the plane is attracting looky-loos on the AirVenture site.