Firewall Forward Offers Cam Mod


Firewall Forward Technologies of Loveland, Colo., is now supplying modified camshafts for Lycoming 320-, 360- and 540-series engines it says dramatically reduce premature cam and lifter failures. The Centrilube cam distributes oil directly to the lifter face from holes drilled in the cam lobes. The result is increased lubrication, reduced temperature and less wear. Similar technology has been used in high-performance automotive and marine engines for decades. Customers can either buy a cam from Firewall Forward or have their existing cam STC modified. The cam modification was the culmination of seven years of research, including a three-year trial in the TIO-540-E1C4 engines of a Beech Duke. After thousands of hours of heavy use, Firewall Forward says cam and lifter failure was reduced from 35 percent to 1.3 percent. The cam is available to FBOs in the U.S. and European approval is planned.