“First” Three-Inch Hazard Display Certified


Complex things come in small packages these days and Aspen Avionics has earned an FAA Type Standard Order (TSO) for a moving-map terrain-and-obstacle-awareness display that fits where your steam-driven vertical speed indicator now resides in your panel. Oh, the new instrument has an electronic VSI, too. The AT300 Hazard Awareness Display has many of the features of big flat-panel Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) and Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicators (EHSI) but it fits in a three-inch instrument hole. That means the whole panel doesn’t have to be reworked to get the additional situation awareness, said Aspen President Peter Lyons. The device shows the pilot current and next navigation legs overlaid on a color-coded terrain and obstacle map. It also provides a constant display of altitude above ground level. The AT300 must be connected to an approved panel-mounted GPS.