Flight 800 Conspiracy Theory Finds Voice


Coverups, lies and deception are the hallmarks of a good spy thriller, but a book to be released in March claims that this is no work of fiction. Joseph Farah, publisher of “First Strike,” claims writers Jack Cashill and James Sanders have uncovered “overwhelming evidence” that TWA Flight 800 was hit by a missile before it disintegrated off Long Island in 1996. Although the cause has never been proven, investigators said it was likely the result of an electrical spark igniting fuel vapors in the Boeing 747’s belly fuel tank. Farah said the book will show that evidence was covered up on orders from the White House for political reasons. It also claims to have uncovered “startling new evidence” about an alleged Islamic terrorist connection. The news release hyping the book does not, however, address the question of why the alleged terrorists didn’t simply announce their infamy themselves. Perhaps they felt the White House press staff would one day do a better job.