Flying For Adventure


Jim Carlaccini and John Long plan to fly from Florida to California next month to raise money for children’s charities. They’ll fly an FPNA A-22 Valor LSA and an Airborne XT-912 trike. The trike has been adapted with hand controls for Carlaccini, who uses a wheelchair since a skydiving accident several years ago. Their trip will take about two months. In South Africa, two rotary pilots plan to crisscross their country, one flying an R22 Robinson helicopter and the other an ELA gyrocopter. They’ll also be earning their commercial flight ratings and being the stars of a National Geographic documentary along the way. Danie Koen, 53, and Werner Alberts, 39, are spending just two weeks on the flight. Click on our links for more info, and maybe get inspired to start on a plan of your own.