For The Pilot Who Has Everything


If you’ve ever admired a vintage aircraft and declared it a work of art, a Los Angeles company shares that view — and has found a way to create new works of art from old airplane parts destined for the scrap heap. MotoArt recycles vintage propellers, cowlings, and more to build unique household furnishings and sculptures. Among the products for sale: desks built from a DC-9 wing or DC-6 cowling, chairs recycled from DC-3s and B-29s, tables fashioned from various nose and jet spinners, and DC-9 service carts modified into portable bars. A new limited-edition product line is debuted every month. Artist Donovan Fell III says that one morning he found some old B-17 propellers in a pile of metal scrap, and a concept was born. “What beautiful shapes they were,” Fell wrote on the MotoArt Web site, “and what countless memories of engineering, combat and freedom they contained. It was love at first sight, and I vowed to save these unique forms of metal from the smelter’s furnace.” From those first propeller sculptures, MotoArt was born.