Four Ex-Military Airports Get Funds For GA Upgrades


Four more airports have been added to the Military Airport Program, the Department of Transportation said last week. The program provides federal funds to improve facilities at ex-military fields to attract more civilian aviation activity. The new airports are Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, Ariz.; Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Fla.; Guam International Airport, Agana, Guam; and Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio. “These airports are proof-positive that there is life after base closings,” said Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta. The airports will join 11 others already in the program, which will distribute $34 million this year. Airports already participating in the program are Mather Airport, Sacramento, Calif.; March Inland Port, Riverside, Calif.; Okaloosa/Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, Fla.; Kalaeloa Airport, Oahu, Hawaii; Alexandria International, Alexandria, La.; Tipton Airport, Odenton, Md.; K.I. Sawyer, Marquette, Mich.; Griffiss Airpark, Rome, N.Y.; Plattsburgh International Airport, Plattsburgh, N.Y.; Millington Municipal, Memphis, Tenn.; and Gray Army Airfield, Killeen, Texas.