Friendly Neighbors Say (Home)Buyer Beware


In a fine example of letting the buyer beware, the Scottsdale (Ariz.) city council is considering putting up signs near its airport warning prospective buyers of neighboring homes what they might be buying into. “I think it is a brilliant plan, and I will suggest the council pursue it,” Councilman Bob Littlefield, chairman of the city’s subcommittee on aviation issues, told the East Valley Tribune. “If we did this it would be 100 percent clear, and we wouldn’t have to worry if real estate agents are disclosing the noise issue.” The signs are one option in a noise study being done by the FAA at the increasingly busy resort city’s airport. As more and more subdivisions sprout from the desert around the airport, the number of noise complaints has skyrocketed but, in contrast to some other communities we can think of, Scottsdale officials appear refreshingly unmoved by the complaints. “If you don’t want to get sea spray on your house in San Diego, don’t buy a house next to the ocean,” Airport Commissioner John Mack said. “Just as if you don’t want aircraft noise, don’t buy a house next to an airport.”