Future VLJs Drive Engine Market


With the production of thousands of Very Light Jets looming in the next few years, manufacturers of parts for the fleet are gearing up to supply the demand. Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), in Quebec, is building production lines capable of cranking out its PW600F turbofans at the rate of 1,000 per year, The Hartford Courant reported Monday. The Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Mustang both are using variants of the engine, and together will need about 4,800 of them. “The market for this engine is very strong, and we need to gear up to be able to provide it,” Mario Modafferi, director of the Pratt Engine Center, told The Courant. “This engine’s going to take over the world the way the PT6 did.” The company plans to hire a “few hundred” workers this year, The Courant said. The Eclipse contract alone is worth about a half-billion dollars.