GA Safety Reminders From The FAA


Summer and fall are prime flying time, so the FAA has made available a 12-page safety briefing to remind pilots about the causes of accidents and how to prevent them. “General Aviation Common Safety Challenges 2005” identifies stalls and loss of horizon as key areas of concern and provides some tips for avoiding the most common mistakes. To prevent stalls, the booklet says, know your aircraft’s performance and maintain your airspeed when operating close to the ground. “Don’t get ‘low and slow’ during takeoff and landing. Do not exceed 30 degrees of bank in the traffic pattern,” the FAA says. (The FAA, there to help.) To prevent a loss of horizon, non-instrument-rated pilots should avoid flying in clouds, and be wary of hazy conditions, especially over water or over sparsely inhabited terrain, flight at night, and blowing snow or dust. The pamphlet’s information was provided by the FAA’s Small Aircraft Directorate.