Glider Pilots Plan Round-The-World Flight


Just when you think all the great aviation firsts are behind us, a group of Czech pilots announced they have a plan to circumnavigate the world in a glider, and could have an aircraft ready to do it as soon as next year… that is, if financing to the tune of about $200 million (U.S.) is forthcoming. Vladislav Zejda, 43, who holds more than 50 world gliding records, says the route is still in the works, but a flight across the Himalayas seems to be best. The whole trip would take five or six days (which means average speeds above 150 mph), according to a report in last week’s Prague Daily Monitor. “We are cooperating with domestic and foreign experts on the project, for instance, with NASA and renowned aircraft producers,” Zejda said. We’re working under the assumption that they’ll be landing a few times.