High School: Flying For Credit


While nothing could ever make high school classes as fun as some would like, we’ll hope that flying is a step in the right direction. A unique program at Dominion Christian High School in Cobb County, Ga., is granting credit to students who engage in flight training. About twelve students will spend the first semester of the yearlong program in classroom instruction, during which they will prepare to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. The second semester is spent at McCollum Airfield in Kennesaw, where actual flight instruction is performed. Eager students, age 16 or older, must pay (or convince others to pay) $3,000 over the school’s standard tuition to cover costs. Dominion Physics teacher Philip Polstra started the aviation class to share with students his love of flying. Coincidentally, he also operates Phil’s Flying Enterprises Inc. at McCollum. The school reports interest in the program is high.