Insurance Claim, A Bunch Of Bull


A couple of British pilots have a load of bull to give their insurance carrier and they’re not fooling around. Tony Cooper and Lisa Kingscott’s vintage Auster J1N airplane suffered about $18,000 in damage earlier this month when some young bulls developed a taste for the fabric covering. The bullocks ate a large section of the 1946 aircraft’s fuselage. “I was speechless. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Kingscott told the Daily Mail. Kingscott and Cooper, who own the plane with three others, have always landed in the same field on their frequent visits to Herfordshire (where else?) to see friends. Maybe not anymore. They didn’t pay any attention to the bulls on the latest visit and went off to have lunch. Instead of flying home, they had to dismantle the aircraft and take it away on a trailer. A farm group spokesman told the Daily Mail he’s not surprised by the incident. “Cattle are very inquisitive and would certainly have gone to the plane and sniffed it, then licked it,” said Ian Johnson, spokesman for the National Farmers’ Union. “Clearly there was something in the construction that appealed to their taste buds.”