Javelin Test Flights Continue


The only VLJ with optional ejection seats (standard if you buy the military version) continues to successfully perform in the early stages of its flight test program. The fighter-like ATG Javelin recently cycled its gear in flight for the first time. Speeds ranged between 130 and 180 knots and a series of 30-degree bank turns were done to assess stability. It was the first flight in several months for the prototype, which was being upgraded to include a (handy to have) manual gear extension and new (more slippery) canopy. The company also claims that its “market share” is up 37 percent and that development continues apace. “This has been a great start to the year. Flight test results continue to meet or exceed our expectations,” said George Bye, Chairman of ATG. The company will be at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Fla., next month but it’s not clear if the prototype will fly there from headquarters in Englewood, Colo.