Jeppesen Working On 3-D Synthetic Vision


The world’s largest supplier of navigational information is getting ready to step into the market of synthetic vision. Jeppesen has announced it will begin selling a worldwide terrain database with a 90-meter resolution that meets aviation requirements by the end of the year. But the future promises even better systems, including 3-D displays using more detailed databases, and Jeppesen Chief Operating Officer Mark Van Tine said the company will be there. “High precision terrain data will soon find its way to the flight deck, and one day, [synthetic vision system] displays will be commonplace. Jeppesen is committed to developing and providing the databases that make these systems possible,” Van Tine said in a company press release. Van Tine and other company officials had a glimpse at that future earlier this year on a flight through the Swiss Alps. Using high-resolution terrain data and accurate aeronautical data, they were able to render “amazingly precise 3-D synthetic views,” he said. Jeppesen is in partnership with Swissphoto, which provided the terrain data to drive the software created by Technical University Darmstadt.