JetBlue A320 Nosegear, The Photos


In case there was any doubt that the damage to JetBlue’s A320 was slight, despite all the media attention and melodrama surrounding its live-televised landing with a twisted nosegear last month, we have pix of the aftermath. So for your own edification, feel free to click through for a look. You also might enjoy the take offered by Salon Magazine’s Patrick Smith, who deconstructs the events in his “Ask The Pilot” column. As for the poor passengers, some of whom were terrified and feared the worst, “JetBlue’s seatback TV screens deserve much of the blame,” says Smith, for “beaming in reckless live reportage from several large networks.” Smith also contemplates the worst-case scenarios that could have ensued, though the actual, quite benign, landing was by far the most likely and expected outcome.