Lancair In Hiring Boom


On the financial brink just two years ago, Lancair Certified — now producing what they call the fastest piston-single in the world — is on a roll. The company has increased its workforce by 40 percent in the last six months and it’s looking for about 70 more people to help meet demand for its fast and stylish piston singles, the Columbia 350 and the turbocharged Columbia 400. There are now 550 people on the floor at the Bend, Ore., plant and Ron Wright, the VP of manufacturing, said most have been trained on the job. “We recognize that not a lot of people will come to us with experience working with composites and assembling complex aircraft, so we’ve developed an excellent training program to help new employees get up to speed,” Wright told It was just two years ago that Lancair, with $25 million in its order book, ran out of operating capital. With new money from Malaysia, the company was able to restart the production line for the 350 and continue certification work on the 400. The Robb Report recently named the 400 in its Best of the Best issue as the best personal aircraft.