Lancair Swings Into Action


Lancair announced that it’s back in full production, as it delivered the first Columbia 300 since the company restarted production just over a month ago. With over 200 employees back at work, the company is also working on the development of its newest models. The company claims the Columbia 350 program is moving along at a fast pace. This new aircraft replaces traditional vacuum pumps with a dual-bus, dual-battery electrical system. It also features the new PowerLink FADEC option. Lancair is in the midst of flight-testing the 350 electrical and fuel systems. Certification is tentatively scheduled within the next few weeks. Lancair says the Columbia 400 program is also moving on schedule. This turbocharged model will feature the Continental TSIO-550-N1B engine, which the company claims will allow it to fly higher and with greater speed and efficiency than its other models. Flight-testing for the 400 is underway with certification scheduled for July, just in time for EAA’s AirVenture.