Last Flight For The Concorde — Or Is It?


The very last Concorde ever to defy gravity touched down Wednesday at the airport where it was built, carrying 100 British Airways crew members on its final flight. But in true British fashion (remember Churchill?) the fans of the craft aren’t ready to settle for defeat. Promising to “fight to the end” — and apparently, beyond the end — a group called Save Concorde is pleading for airplane aficionados everywhere to join their cause. “With your help this will NOT be the end,” the group’s Web site exhorts, and asks supporters to take action. Some suggestions: “Write to your local MP, write to your local paper, write to your local radio station, write to any celebrities you may know.” If you don’t know what to write, the group suggests this: “We represent a growing number of people who feel saddened and cheated by the decision to retire Concorde early, and there is a lot of bitterness over the lack of Government intervention and the dismissal of Richard Branson’s and other proposals.” And when you are done writing, the site offers downloadable petitions and flyers you can print out and post. “Never give in … never yield. … We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire,” said Churchill — apparently his countrymen take it to heart.