Liberty Honors Symphony And Tiger Deposits


Symphony Aircraft and Tiger Aircraft customers may be down but they’re not necessarily out. Liberty Aerospace, which came on the scene roughly concurrently with the now-bankrupt Symphony and Tiger, is offering to honor the deposits of customers of its former competitor toward the purchase of a Liberty two-place touring aircraft. “The exit of these two companies is a tremendous loss to the aviation community,” Keith Markley, chief operating officer of Liberty Aerospace, said in a news release. “Pilots and the rest of the industry have a strong history of working together and our wish is to keep the aviation community flying by delivering to those who still desire a new aircraft.” Tiger entered liquidation proceedings on Jan. 16 in West Virginia and, less than a week later, Symphony’s main investor pulled the trigger in Quebec. Liberty is offering those who face losing their deposits in the bankruptcies up to $10,000 toward the purchase of a new Liberty, with no additional payments required before delivery. Proof of the deposit will, of course, be required.