Lycoming Completes SB522 Repairs


Lycoming has completed one of the largest engine recalls ever ahead of schedule. The company announced that all 797 TIO-540 engines returned under Service Bulletin 552 have been fixed and shipped back to their owners. All engines identified by that Service Bulletin were required to have new crankshafts because the original parts were improperly forged and at risk of failing. Under Service Bulletin 553, another 601 engines were tested by taking a core sample from the crankshaft. The majority checked out OK and most of the 184 cranks that needed replacing have been installed. “We made a promise to our customers that we would resolve this replacement and repair issue by the early part of the second quarter and we have delivered on that promise,” said Lycoming head Robert Millman in a news release. The recall grounded hundreds of aircraft with the engines. To appease the inconvenienced owners, Lycoming launched a Customer Care Program that covered alternative transportation, insurance, fees and interest for affected owners. The repaired engines come with a one-year warranty that starts when the aircraft is returned to service. The recall cost Lycoming $35 million.