Meigs Heads For Supreme Court


Foiled and frustrated at every turn, the Friends of Meigs (FOM) soldier on, and this week the organization sent out a plea for supporters to contribute to the next round of legal efforts. The group is drafting an appeal to the Illinois state Supreme Court. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this appeal to efforts to preserve Meigs Field,” FOM President Rachel Goodstein wrote in a letter to supporters, posted online Monday. “As things currently stand, there is nothing preventing the City of Chicago … from further demolition of the airport. … We need to move quickly, and we need to raise funds in order to do so.” The legal effort is expected to cost about $100,000. Meanwhile, the results of an opinion poll in the Chicago Tribune on Monday showed 65 percent of those surveyed disapproved of Daley’s destruction of Meigs’ runway. Seven out of 10 also said they didn’t believe Daley’s claim that the tiny lakefront airport presented a terrorist threat to the downtown. “If we let Meigs Field close, no airport in America is really safe,” Goodstein wrote. “Anti-airport groups are watching what happens. Please help us in this fight for aviation so we can all say that in this year of the Centennial of Flight together we won and Saved Meigs Field!”