Moller Skycar For Sale


Paul Moller finally has his Skycar for sale but don’t expect the skies and carports of the nation to fill up with them anytime soon. The brains behind what could be the longest-lived aircraft development program in history is selling the original prototype of the vehicle on eBay. We couldn’t find a listing on Sunday. He’s expecting to get $4 million. The prototype has slipped the surly bonds on its own power in an unmanned, tethered flight. But anyone hoping to use it for the morning commute is likely to be disappointed. “Potential buyers are cautioned that this is a prototype model and considered an experimental aircraft,” says a Moller news release. “It has not obtained FAA certification and is subject to significant flight restrictions until approved. Further, the Skycar has not yet been approved as a road vehicle.” Moller says the prototype is being fitted with more powerful twin-rotor engines that would allow manned, untethered flight. The company claims on-board computers will eventually do most of the flying for the pilot. The company is planning one last media splash for the prototype. A manned, untethered flight will be done in front of 1,000 reporters and then the lucky new owner can take it home. Date of the media flight was not announced (we want to be there).