“Monster House” Goes For Airplane Theme


When the staff at Discovery Channel’s “Monster House” set out to remodel a home for an aviation-oriented family, they didn’t attach wings to it … but they did the next-best thing, planting half a 727 in the backyard. The “Airplane House,” in Simi Valley, Calif., also incorporates 100 airplane parts in the interior dcor, including the fan from a turbine engine, an engine cowling, and a bar set on top of landing gear. Homeowners Mark and Debbie Penikas (he’s been flying since age 5) were sequestered in a trailer off-site while the work was done, and they and their two sons were satisfied with the changes, The Los Angeles Daily News reported. The program is scheduled to air on September 9. The remodeling effort cost about $20,000, not counting the old 727, which was donated. A flight simulator has been installed inside the cockpit. “If we’re going to do an airplane-theme house, let’s put an airplane in the back yard. That’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done,” producer Ali McCallister told the Daily News.