More Headaches In Store For The Holidays


Someone really had their thinking cap on when they came upwith this one. The federally mandated luggage-screening systems must be inoperation by December 31 – just in time for the busy New Years travel period.Airport officials are predicting security delays of up to six hours as hordesof pax try to navigate the new systems. In most cases, they will have to checkin with the airlines first, then take their bag to the new screening machines,then return to the ticket counter to drop off their bags and obtain a luggagereceipt. Skycap service is not expected to speed things up substantiallyeither. "We’re cautiously optimistic that Congress is going to take someaction," said Ken Capps, spokesman for Dallas/Ft. Worth InternationalAirport, one of the airports spearheading a lobbying effort to move thedeadline to a less busy period. "If they don’t, you’re going to see chaosthroughout the national aviation system." Happy Holidays!