More Sport Planes On The Way


If you’re in the market for a new light-sport aircraft (LSA), the choices are proliferating practically by the day. Last week, Spectrum Aircraft of Florida announced it will bring to the market two new single-engine LSAs from designs that were previously sold as kits. The Aeroprakt A-20 “Vista Cruiser” and A-22 “Varlet” subassemblies will be built in Ukraine, with final assembly taking place in the U.S. Also, said this week it is marketing a new LSA, the Nexaer LS1, built in Colorado Springs. The two-seat composite aircraft cruises at 120 knots and has a useful load of 600 pounds. The first prototype is scheduled to make its debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, July 25-31. “The LS1 is a new generation in aircraft design that is beautiful, comfortable and affordable,” said Sportsplanes President Josh Foss. “This is an aircraft that will have a major impact on sport pilot licensing and the future of flight as we know it in this country. We’re excited about the prospects that emerge with this vibrant design.” The Nexaer LS1 features an option for a glass cockpit and could easily be configured as an IFR platform, Foss said. Spectrum Aircraft also is introducing a new light-twin design, Aeroprakt’s A-36 Vulcan, which will be sold as an Experimental kitplane starting this fall. The 980-pound twin has a composite fuselage with metal wings and tail, and is powered by two 100-hp Rotax engines. The prototype has been flying since last September, and has demonstrated a stall speed of 38 mph and a top speed of 170 mph.