New FBO For Tallahassee?


A Tallahassee firm hopes to become the city airports second FBO but, as there always seems to be, there are a few wrinkles to iron out. Eagle Aircraft Group has applied to open fueling and maintenance facilities to compete with Flightline Group, which has operated Tallahassee Regional Airports only FBO for decades. However, it appears that before Eagle Aircraft can open its doors, it will need concessions from the company it intends to compete with. Both companies have their eyes on an old FedEx hangar and it will be up to council to decide how the property is used. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the city has already struck a deal with Flightline to demolish the FedEx hangar to make way for a hotel development. Eagle Aircraft wants the city to allow it to use the hangar as part of its FBO. Eagle spokesman Steven Leoni described Flightline as a “good operator,” but he also said the community would benefit from having a second FBO at the airport. “That would be good for Tallahassee. Competition is always good, he told the newspaper.