New Majority Leader Hailed By Alphabets


Sen. William H. Frist (R-Tenn.) was elected in an unusual conference call vote on Friday to be the new Senate majority leader. Almost immediately, several of aviation’s “alphabet groups” hailed the election as a win for aviation. “We’re thrilled that someone with Sen. Frist’s piloting credentials, who understands general aviation, will be at the controls of the U.S. Senate as the new legislative session begins in January,” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. Ed Bolen, president of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, said Friday that “Senate Republicans made an excellent choice in electing Bill Frist as their new leader. Senator Frist has the respect of his peers and enjoys a well-earned reputation for intelligence, integrity and hard-work. He will be an excellent leader.” The National Business Aviation Association followed suit with its own bit of praise for the new majority leader. In addition to being a Senator and transplant surgeon, Sen. Frist is an experienced and enthusiastic pilot who flies and co-owns a general aviation airplane.