New V-6s Moving Closer To Market


Aircraft Engine Services (AES) said this week it will market the V220 and V300T aircraft engines under the trademarked REV brand, and officially unveil them at EAA AirVenture in July. The all-aluminum, FADEC-controlled (the REV 220 and REV 300T are not limited to leaded aviation fuels) geared V-6s first made a splash at Oshkosh in 2003, when they were introduced by Bombardier. The engines reappeared last year with the AES label. The company says the engines are now on track for certification in the third quarter of this year, and are currently undergoing testing at OEM manufacturers of certified piston aircraft. “These launch partners will be instrumental in ensuring the product support organization is in place to support the REV V220 and V300T engines,” said Luc de Gaspe Beaubien, director of operations for AES. “The engines will be available on a certified Part 23 aircraft, once the OEM decides to make the announcement,” AES says at its Web site. AES has so far not disclosed the names of any manufacturers working with its engines. “Since 1996, when we first began working on the concept for these piston aviation engines, there was a clear strategy for competing with the established players in the certified industry,” said de Gaspe Beaubien in this week’s news release. “As such, an established development procedure, including exhaustive flight test, was insisted upon for these engines. Today’s announcement of the branding is yet another logical step on our path towards public availabilities of the REV V220 and V300T.” The REV V220 and REV V300T’s product certification schedule and projected market availabilities will be announced at Oshkosh, the company said.