Oshkosh Airport First With LSA Standards


Wittman Regional Airport is writing the rule book when it comes to accommodating the predicted “influx” of aircraft that will fall under the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. Oshkosh’s municipal airport, home to EAA’s annual AirVenture, will be the first to formalize standards and procedures for the aircraft and the businesses that will service them. “Most of the country’s local airports are underutilized,” said Earl Lawrence, EAA’s VP of industry and regulatory affairs, in a statement (that might also explain the traffic problem at O’Hare). “Sport pilot and light sport aircraft will offer a chance for these local airports to become more of an economic force in their communities.” The Oshkosh standards were drawn up by airport management, local politicians and airport businesses and will be announced next month. They set the minimum operating standards for businesses that emphasize service to LSA operations, including training, rental, maintenance and fueling. Lawrence said airports throughout the U.S. should follow Oshkosh’s lead. “Now is the time for local communities to prepare for these economic opportunities,” he said.