P-38 Resurrection Earns Following


Local politicians and townspeople are working together toraise money to create a fitting home/museum in the town of Middlesboro, Ky.,for the restored P-38F known as Glacier Girl. Ten years ago, the aircraft waspulled from more than 200 feet of Greenland glacier by a team headed (andbankrolled) by J. Roy Shoffner. It had rested there since making an emergencylanding in the Second World War.October 26 it departed the 3,600-foot strip at Middlesboro andflawlessly flew before about 20,000 people. According to pilot SteveHinton,included in the crowd were the governor, a senator and congressman andenthusiasts from as far as Alaska. The aircraft’s first flight in more thanhalf a century lasted about 30 minutes and included several circuits around thefield, cycling the flaps and landing gear, and P-38-conservative speeds of no morethan 200 knots. “It ran perfect — thanks to the meticulous and dedicatedrestoration. It felt just like a P-38.It felt good,” Hinton said. “Being an early -38F it appears tobe pretty fast compared to the original.” The extraordinary story of loss,recovery, restoration and flight is slated for airing on the History Channel,March 3 at 9 p.m. (eastern). Shoffner, 74, originally intended to complete theaircraft’s mission and fly it to England … and may still.

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