Penguin Puzzle For TSA


“Can you raise your wings, please?” Transportation Security Administration staff are puzzling over a proposal to reinstate a marketing plan that Southwest Airlines used to feather the nests of SeaWorld Parks in San Antonio, San Diego and Orlando. Before 9/11, the airline would fly a pair of tame penguins owned by the parks to various cities as a promotional gimmick. Giving the flightless birds a lift lured business to the parks, and passengers enjoyed having them on board. The TSA just wants to make sure they’re not hiding anything under those little tuxes, according to Southwest spokeswoman Melanie Jones. “One of the things that they mentioned was, ‘Would it be possible that we would be able to wand the animals?'” SeaWorld officials say that wanding won’t be a problem because the penguins travel well and are used to being handled, which can’t always be said for human passengers.