Pilot Insurance — EAA Courts Sport Pilots, Avemco After Renters


Paying for insurance is one of those necessary evils that all pilots hate (until they need it), but at least for this year, those insured by Avemco won’t see their bills going up. So said company officials at a press conference at Sun ‘n Fun on Wednesday. The company also has cut its rates on some of its renters’ insurance policies by up to 8 percent. Avemco also said it is offering more options for renters, plus discounts for pilots who complete approved training courses. Meanwhile, the folks at EAA said this week they have an insurance plan all ready to go for sport pilots and owners of light-sport aircraft — as soon as such things bloom into existence. “EAA knows that to fully promote these new flying opportunities, there needs to be the necessary protection for those who participate,” said Bob Warner, EAA executive vice president, during a media briefing at Sun ‘n Fun. The plan is offered by Falcon Insurance.