Pilot Run Over by His Own Plane


An unidentified pilot suffered serious injuries after he was hit by the main wheels of the airplane he commanded and was then dragged across the ramp at Gatwick Airport. The freak accident happened last March but a report on the mishap was just released by Britains Air Accidents Investigations Branch. The pilot and co-pilot were getting ready to take the Lear 45 to Paris when the co-pilot accidentally moved a thrust lever forward.

The pilot, who was stowing his baggage in the rear, noticed the change in pitch in the engine and rushed forward to warn the co-pilot. Along the way, he somehow lost his footing and fell out the open door. The plane, with the pilot in tow, hit a ground worker and a vehicle before spinning 180 degrees and coming to rest against a large truck.

There were no passengers on board. There was no word on the fate of the ground worker, the two vehicles involved or the aircraft.