Piper Offers Additional Perks


The Avidyne FlightMax Entegra Integrated Flight Deck, a system that comes chock full of workload-reducing items will now be available to you and your new Piper. The new glass cockpit is an option in the entire PA-28 line, which includes the Warrior, Archer and Arrow, making cockpits in the smaller birds as advanced as those in the much pricier Saratogas and Piper 6X and 6XT. The FlightMax Entegra system contains two 10.4-inch displays, including an EXP5000 primary flight display (air data and altitude/heading reference) and an EX5000 multi-function display (moving map, flight plan info, terrain contours and engine indication system). The EMax Engine Indicating System and Datalink Weather systems are available options. Plan to spend $32,000 in your new Piper for your Avidyne FlightMax, $4,985 for the engine indication center, and round it out with $3,880 for the Weather Data Link. www.newpiper.com