Polishing STARS


As AVweb reported last week, the implementation of the new STARS system is still drawing muchcriticism — now, it appears the FAA may be listening. A week before a new airtraffic control system is supposed to be put into service, FAA officials havecalled an unusual high-level meeting to review reported flaws of STARS …including misrepresenting radar images and improperly labeling data tags. TheFAA –which wants to begin using it in Philadelphia on Nov. 17 — says STARS willincrease safety and reduce flight delays, but has apparently thought twiceabout its reliability, as proved by this recent meeting. Ironically, the FAAhas doubted the system in the past. In 1983, the agency decided to implementthe system but then abandoned most of that project in 1994, citing it as"unworkable." This false start cost the taxpayers $2.6 billion.