Repair Stations Get One-Year Reprieve On Training Mandate


The FAA has delayed by one year the date that its final rule will take effect requiring all aviation repair stations to have an approved training program. The new effective date of Section 145.163 will be April 6, 2006. The delay was necessary, the FAA said, because it had extended the comment period on its Advisory Circular that provided guidance on creating the training programs until March 22, 2005. The FAA says it needs more time to review the comments and make changes. The Aircraft Electronics Association said it was pleased with the delay. The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) also welcomed the change. “We appreciate the FAA recognizing that rushing this process does no one any good, not the repair station or the inspector with whom they are working on their Part 145 training program,” NATA Vice President of Government & Industry Affairs Eric Byer said last week. “Given the ambiguity of FAR 145.163, the draft AC constitutes the FAA’s only guidance for the development of training programs for repair stations certificated under Part 145.” The revised notice from the FAA is to be published in today’s Federal Register.