RTW In A (Sort-Of) Light Sport Airplane


The scariest moment — so far — for round-the-world flyer Matevz Lenarcic was when he looked out from the cockpit of his little Pipistrel Sinus motorglider to see a pair of Russian MiGs. “The communications are not so good in Russia,” he told AVweb at Oshkosh on Saturday, in a bit of polite understatement. Despite two years of preparation, Lenarcic has been dealing with lots of paperwork hassles and various communication glitches as he travels around the globe from his home country of Slovenia. “But the world is very beautiful,” he said, “and flying in a little airplane is the way to see it.” The little motorglider, built in Slovenia, has been modified for the trip, but in its standard form would qualify as a Light Sport Aircraft.

Lenarcic, a photographer and author, said the trip is his own personal project, and will take him about two and a half months. Everywhere he’s gone, people have been very kind. “The world is not so terrible, not so ugly as some people might want to show us,” he said. “It makes you wonder why all the wars are necessary.” From Oshkosh, Lenarcic plans to head south toward Brazil, and then decide whether to head for home via the South Atlantic and Africa, or head back north and cross from Canada. For your own taste of Lenarcic’s view of the beautiful world from his Pipistrel, check out his online photo galleries.