Sandel, Kollsman Working On Heads-Up Displays For GA


Sandel Avionics and Kollsman, Inc., announced last week they will work together to develop advanced heads-up displays for GA cockpits. Initial efforts will focus on integrating Sandel’s advanced displays with Kollsman’s small-footprint heads-up display, the MicroHUD, the companies said in a news release. A follow-on program will add Kollsman’s new GAViS, a heads-down, forward-looking infrared capability, to Sandel’s display products. In both cases, the object will be to reduce the size and cost of these advanced display technologies, making them available to corporate and general aviation. The companies said the new technology has the potential to bring a new level of situational awareness and safety to GA, including the emerging very light jet market and the legacy business and GA fleet. “We are tremendously excited about this joint development program, which gets us all closer to a safer and more capable cockpit, and for the opportunity to work with Kollsman and their tremendous engineering prowess in these areas,” said Gerry Block, Sandel’s president. Randy Moore, Kollsman’s executive VP, said Sandel is the “ideal partner” to bring their MicroHUD and GAViS programs to the corporate and GA markets. Sandel is a private company based in Vista, Calif. Kollsman, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, is based in Merrimack, N.H.