Silly Pilot Tricks, Part … (We’ve Lost Count)


It must be something in the air, but this week brought in a slew of reports about pilots giving in to temptation — doing things that are enticing, but forbidden. In Australia on Saturday, a sightseeing pilot flew her two-seat Skyfox Gazelle underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a no-no, and now faces up to two years in jail. In Saginaw, Mich., a school principal was mortified on Friday when two helicopters landed in his schoolyard without warning — apparently carrying real-estate developers checking out some nearby property. And in Gilbert, Ariz., a homeowner is indignant that a neighbor is flying his helicopter regularly from his backyard — but nobody else seems to care. “Apparently nobody is concerned about people flying in and out of residential neighborhoods, which beats the heck out of me,” Gilbert resident Sue Grace told The Arizona Republic. “It’s not fair. I didn’t buy property anywhere near an airport.” Grace has complained for over a month to her homeowners’ association, to local authorities and to the FAA, but so far to no avail — it seems this is one temptation that nobody thought to write a rule against. At least not yet.