(Some) GA Airports Gain Ground As Economic Engines


Sometimes it feels like nobody (except pilots) loves an airport, but in fact plenty of folks out there appreciate that a bustling airfield creates jobs and even enhances quality of life. In Bogalusa, La., the city administration lobbied hard for years to convince not a reluctant public, not reluctant business, but a reluctant FAA that they wanted their airport to grow, and finally came home this month with $3.4 million. The tide has turned in Salt Lake City, as well, where momentum is building to develop the long-neglected No. 2 airport to attract corporate jets. And Albuquerque plans to invest a $3.13 million federal grant to expand the two runways at its Double Eagle Two airport, in hopes of attracting more general aviation traffic. Bogalusa Mayor Mack McGehee has high hopes for his local airfield. “We’ll be able to acquire additional property on the north and south ends of the runway, extend the runway and taxiway, and eventually put in a new terminal building,” he told the Bogalusa Daily News. “When this is completed we could have the best airport in the south for general aviation.”