Sport Pilot Hopefuls, Help Is On The Way


For those of you eager to take off into the Sport Pilot era, some new information sources are available. The FAA has posted online its list of Light Sport Aircraft Examiners by category, to make it easy to find the right person to give you the checkride. So far there are only a dozen listings in the five categories, but 11 more examiner courses are on the FAA’s schedule for this year, with each class turning out as many as eight new examiners. Current examiners also can qualify as Sport Pilot examiners, so more are expected soon. Also, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sport Flying” hit the bookshelves on Feb. 1, EAA says, but as of Saturday, we couldn’t find anyplace selling it online. EAA says it will be selling the books soon through its own online store.