Sport Pilot Rule Returns To OMB


After what seems like more lobs back and forth than a Ping-Pong ball, the ever-imminent sport pilot/light sport aircraft rule is out of the FAA and back in the hands of the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The FAA withdrew its proposal back in March after the OMB raised concerns about the cost/benefits analysis. The withdrawal was meant to be a strategic means to forestall rejection and keep the package on track. The OMB’s approval is the last step needed before FAA can publish the rule as a done deal, according to EAA. In mid-April EAA collected thousands of signatures on a petition asking the OMB to expedite approval of the rule. Folks at the FAA told AVweb in late March that the revisions would take “a couple of weeks,” and in late April, they would be done in maybe a “week or so.” It took till early June, and nobody right now is saying how long it will take the OMB from here. The usual window for review is 90 days, but if they go longer, there’s no penalty.