The Most Efficient Skyhawks Ever


The ad suggests something nothing less than revolutionary but, alas, Cessna’s gussied-up 172, the SP model, doesn’t really fly “fuel free.” What it does, however, is fly on free fuel, the first $3,500 worth, anyway. The company’s latest incentive supplies new owners with a fuel card that works at any FBO accepting Multiservice Fuel cards. The cards stop working after two years or at $3,500, whichever comes first. Assuming you can use the full $3,500 within the two years, it amounts to a 1.8 to 2.1 percent discount on the purchase price of the airplane, which ranges from $165,000 for a base model (with standard leather and a few other goodies missing on the plain-Jane Skyhawk) to $195,000 with air and all the electronics. The offer applies to all SPs currently in stock and those scheduled for delivery in 2003.