The New Mooney Marketing Math


For those of you who fell asleep in math class, Mooney is offering a refresher course, and under their calculations, Mooney (surprise) comes out consistently on top. In a recent press release, Mooney introduced The Value Factor, an “industry standard,” which is determined by multiplying the airplane’s best-power true airspeed by its best-power range (in nautical miles) and dividing that total by its suggested list price. Under this formula, Mooney’s Bravo and Ovation2 GX models outscored selected Lancair, Cirrus, New Piper and Cessna types. “There are, of course, a lot of factors which contribute to an airplane’s overall value,” said David Copeland, Mooney’s vice president of sales and marketing. True, and some math never changes — if the total amount of money in your pocket is greater than the price of the airplane you really really want (for whatever reason), that equals one airplane sold, no long division required.